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About us

Matic Plast Milano is a leading company in the production of packaging for the luxury perfumery and cosmetics market.


We are honored to serve many of the leading cosmetics brands in the world, focusing on long-term partnerships in which we offer our expertise in developing innovative solutions, premium quality, and the finest in customer service.


We are a fully-integrated company featuring state-of-the-art molding, construction and mold maintenance processes, surface finishing, decoration and assembly, and we invest a significant amount of our revenue in research and technology.

Our core business is based on custom solutions, designed and developed according to our customers’ specifications.


We also have an extensive standard catalog aimed at clients who prefer to start from a ready-made solution to then configure and customize.


All of our production units are based in Italy, from where we serve customers all over the world. We are extremely focused on confidentiality, which is a cornerstone of our business philosophy: we do not take part in trade fairs or expos, we do not advertise, and we develop our projects in secrecy. We are a discreet partner, and we always make sure to protect the confidentiality of our clients.